"I have awaited this day for many years. Nothing would make me happier to make the Eliksni Whole again."

~Variks to Kekal, joining the House of Tears

History Edit

As the House of Judgement's last surviving member, Variks survived in the Reef among the Awoken. He issued the sentences of the Fallen held prisoner there. Before that he was in service to the House of Wolf's Kell, Skolas.

Meeting the Tears Edit

When the House of Tears arrived at the Reef, Variks was the first to vouch for the newcomers. He allowed Kekal, Selyk, and Toland to speak with Skolas. However the old Wolf Kell had slipped too far into insanity to be understood.

The Judgement Faction Edit

Once he was formerly taken in by the House of Tears, Kekal did the same thing he had done with the remaining Members of the House of Wolves. In order to keep their House customs he created a faction for Variks and any Eliksni who desired to assist in rebuilding and reteaching the ways of the House of Judgement.